KAP | Department of Process Control

Our Department is involved in scientific research, project and implementation work within the scope of production process automation, process control systems, elements and systems of automatics, metrology and hydraulic drive and control +.

Such research results from the character of the Department, as well as individual interests of our staff – especially their work on unique technologies. Below we enumerate some of these scientific pursuits:

– Designing and building small microprocessor control systems,
– Measuring energy consumption of machines and appliances, together with their diagnostics,
– Vibration isolation, active reduction of vibration, material control system,
– Designing and testing electro-hydraulic power transmission and controlling systems,
– Designing automation systems and simple expert systems,
– Electromagnetic metal forming,
– Technologies and machines for pre-stressing.

The activity of the Department described above is connected with many essential applications, among which the most important are:

– Design of parameter monitoring in the conveyor belt vulcanising process,
– Welding machine for heat resistant chipswith microprocessor control system,
– Technical condition of mine drainage pipes controller,
– Start-up of  the pre-stressed concrete elements process line,
– Testing turbo generators,
– Prototype automaton for forming metal elements in impulse magnetic field.

The department’s  dedication to development is clearly visible in our large-scale cooperation  with various industries. We are carrying out common scientific research with such companies as Tire Company Dębica, the Skanska Bridgebuilding Enterprise in Kielce, Delphi.